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This comprehensive eBook walks you step-by-step through the complicated process of deciding on and claiming Social Security retirement benefits. It’s free to you now, for a limited time only.


Key Benefits

Peace of Mind

Maximize Benefits

Expert Guidance

You will gain peace of mind knowing all the nuances of the world of social security.

Maximize your returns by understanding your benefits and what is owed to you.

This eBook will provide expert guidance and clearly explain the world of Social Security.

What is $1,461

That's the estimated average monthly Social Security benefit for all retired workers in January 2019 (Source: Social Security Administration, 2018).

What You'll Learn

How your Social Security Retirement benefit is determined

When you can begin claiming benefits

What your full retirement age is, and why it's so significant

Why it may make sense to defer claiming benefits

How much you can expect to receive each month

Okay, so now you understand the basics. Where do you go from here? We’ve got you covered—just download our comprehensive eBook “What Can You Expect from Social Security?” for a step-by-step journey through the complicated world of claiming Social Security retirement benefits.


Additional Features

  • Foundations and history of our Social Security safety net
  • The benefit calculation process, and adjustments for inflation
  • Practical strategies for claiming benefits
  • Factoring in spousal benefits and survivor benefits
  • Working in retirement—how it affects your Social Security benefits
  • How benefits are taxed
  • The future of Social Security—will it be there when you need it most?

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